Did you know that…

1. With 104,169 people, Berkeley is the second most populous county in West Virginia after Kanawaha County.

2. But only 318 of those people live in Hedgesville.

3. Berkeley County is considered part of the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland metro region.

4. The first post office in West Virginia opened in Martinsburg in 1792.

5. To stop trains during the Civil War, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson actually blew up the B&O roundhouse in 1861.


6. Berkeley is the second oldest county in the state, formed in February 1772. Only Hampshire County is older.

7. Martinsburg is the setting for a 1997 episode of the X-Files called “Small Potatoes,”  where the town is “blessed” by babies being born with tails.

8. The episode, however, was not shot in Berkeley county.

9. The county was named for a man named Norborne Berkeley, Baron de Botetourt, a colonial governor of Virginia.

10. North Mountain runs from Frederick County, Virginia to the Potomac River, a distance of 23.5 miles.

North Mountain as seen from Shanghai (Public Domain)

North Mountain as seen from Shanghai, Berkeley County (Public Domain)

11. Martinsburg is the fastest growing city in the state.

12. The oldest house in the city, Aspen Hall on Boyd Ave., was built in 1745.

13. A nationwide railroad strike, which would leave many workers dead throughout the country, began in Martinsburg on July 14, 1877.

14. Hedgesville sits at a place once known as Skinner’s Gap on North Mountain.

15. Martinsburg once had its own car company called Norwalk, manufacturing autos from 1912 to 1922.

A 1914 Norwalk Touring Car, manufactured in Berkeley County.

16. Parts of the Oscar-nominated 1985 film “Sweet Dreams” about Patsy Cline were filmed in Martinsburg.

17. Back Creek was named by early settlers in the 1700’s, because it was behind North Mountain when approaching from the east.

18. Three laps around the inside of the Martinsburg Mall equals 2 miles.

19. Martinsburg changed hands between Confederate and Union forces thirty-seven times and was the site of two battles during the Civil War.

20. The highest point of North Mountain in West Virginia  is 920 feet above sea level is just north of Hedgesville.

21. The town of Inwood was originally called Gerrard.

22. There are two theories as to why it changed its name: it was renamed after a “park in the woods” or postal authorities wanted the change to avoid confusion with nearby Gerardstown.

23. There have been no major realignments to Interstate 81 since it was completed in 1966.

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