Ryan White, a lawyer from South Charleston, raised over $80,000 to win a seat on the Kanawha County School Board, according to documents filed with the Kanawha County Clerk. That’s $57,000 more than any other candidate, according the Charleston Daily Mail. Not to mention, White is a first time candidate and raised more money than most people running for the State Legislature.

Ryan White, via the candidate's Facebook Page

Ryan White, via the candidate’s Facebook Page

How much does Kanawha County spend on the average pupil? $11,303

According to data from 2010 from the non-partisan New America Foundation think tank. The state average is $12,153.

Where did the money come from?

The Daily Mail breaks it down:

  • 31 contributions of $1,000 — the maximum allowed.
  • 11 of those contributions came from out of the county or out of the state.
  • 36 $500 contributions

What did he spend it on?

The Daily Mail printed the big-ticket items:

  • $54,000 on a television ad
  • $25,00 worth of mailers from an Austin, Texas company

What does a $54,000 TV ad look like?

Watch for yourself:

How much did his opponents spend?

To be fair—quite a lot. Combined, the seven candidates raise over $100,000.

How much did he win by?

Here are preliminary results from the County Clerk’s website:

  1. Ryan White – 14,318 or 22.91%
  2. Pete Thaw – 12,035 or 19.25%
  3. Becky Jordan – 9,488 or 15.18%
  4. Calvin McKinney – 8,922 or 14.27%
  5. Vic Sprouse – 8,922 or 13.33%
  6. Tracy White – 6,670 or 10,67%
  7. Curtis Robinson – 2,655 or 4.25%
  8. Write-in candidates – 87 votes or 0.14%