There’s more to Mon County in North Central West Virginia than keg parties and burning couches. Here are thirteen things we bet you didn’t know… (And in the interest of full disclosure, we avoided the, “where did the name really come from?” debate. We’ll cover that during sweeps month.)


  1. Much like the greatest county in the world, the county was founded in 1776.
  1. The Cheat River Dam was built as a hydroelectric facility in 1926 and still produces power today.
  1. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Helen Hayes all once played at the Metropolitan Theatre on High Street.
  1. It cost only $53,478 to build the Monongalia County Courthouse in 1891
  1. The Forks-of-Cheat Baptist Church in Stewartstown was the first church in the state established west of the Alleghenies in 1775.
  1. The first settlers in the county built cabins where Decker Creek meets the Mon River in 1758.
  1. The settlement was raided and destroyed by Delaware Indians a year later.
  1. Coopers Rock was named after a fugitive who hid from the law need the overlook, making and selling barrels at his mountain hideout. (A person who makes barrels is called a cooper, FYI)
    (via WV Division of Tourism)

(via WV Division of Tourism)

9. The idea of only teaching students of the same age together, as opposed to a one-size-fits all one-room school house was developed in Mon County.

10. An iron foundry that supplied bullets for American troops at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 now lies beneath the waters of Cheat Lake.

11. The first coal mine in the county opened in 1890 at Beechwood, near the Marion County line.

12. Once known as the West Side, Westover was incorporated as its own city in 1911.

13. Despite its bad rep, the University says the PRT is reliable 98% of the time.



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