So what the Mountaineers lost to the Long Horns on Saturday? We’re a glass half-full kind of state—and we’ve adopted the word “improvement” as our buzzword for the rest of the season. But if you were to ask one group of Texas fans what they thought of us, well, they think we’re just some dumb hillbillies.

In a video posted to YouTube Tuesday by a store called University CoOp—which says it has the largest selection of longhorn gear—two “comedians” parade around Texas tailgaters with the “Mayor of Morgantown.”

And no it wasn’t the actual mayor, Jenny Selin. It was a goat.


To which that guy on the far right responds (and we won’t result to childish name-calling), “you’re probably smarter than most of the people in West Virginia.” Later in the video the guy in white informs his friends that our state was “voted the dumbest state in all of the United States.”

That’s right after some other Long Horn fans can’t even find the Mountain State on a map:


Watch the full video below — and tell us — funny or offensive?

The store also boasts “free & easy returns” on their YouTube channel. We’d like our money back on this video, please.