A low-cost pastry (file photo)

A low-cost pastry (file photo)

Okay so we don’t actually know if it was a donut… But the Charleston Gazette reports that the wife of a Charleston Police officer says her husband was forced to resign from his post after failing to pay for a 79-cent pastry at a local 7-11.

Jessie Helmbright wrote in a public post on her Facebook page that her husband, Billy Helmbright, was standing around chatting, eating a pastry. In the middle of some conversation, they got called out and Helmbright left without paying for said pastry.

But the plot thickens:

One of the officers who I won’t mention the name, but you know who you are, that was standing there with him went and filed a complaint on him for stealing this pastry. After an investigation which showed my hubby had no intentions on stealing it and 7-11 was not going to press charges, he had the choice to either be fired or resign. He was on paid administrative leave for a year just thought everyone would like to know where their tax dollars goes!! I’m just glad my hubby got to see what kind of guy this other officer was before he was in a real situation with him and was suppose to have his back!!

The Gazette reports that Helmbright had been on the force since April 2008. Charleston Police Chief Brent Webster told the Gazette Helmbright “left the department earlier this month but won’t say why.”