You read that right: West Virginia is producing less and less coal. A new report from WVU’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research says that our coal production will drop 39% from an industry high point in 2008. And the effects could be disastrous.


How Big Is The Drop?

  • Industry high point in 2008: 158 million tons
  • 2014: 115 million tons
  • 2015 predicted: 98 million tons
  • 2035: 96 million tons… yikes.

Why the drop?

The AP says the report identifies several familiar reasons for such a drop:

  • Weak export demand
  • Less use of coal for electric, more coming from Natural Gas
  • Changes in power plant emission rules
  • “Worsening geological conditions” that make extraction in Southern West Virginia more expensive.

And get this – the AP says: “The dismal projections don’t even account for a federal proposal to stem carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, part of President Barack Obama’s plan to stem global warming.”

The southern part of the state is expected to be hit much harder by the drop.

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20150529_coalRead the full report from WVU (PDF).