How many of these treasures do you remember? (Or at least remember hearing stories about…)

1. The Fairmont Suspension Bridge


Built  in 1852 over the Monogahela River to connect Fairmont with then Palatine Park, the bridge was the focus of the Battle of Fairmont during the Civil War. The structure was demolished in 1908 to make way for…

2. The Low Level Bridge


Which for some reason we couldn’t find a picture of. But it was also known as our Nickel Bridge, because it cost a Nickel to cross.

3. The Old East Fairmont High School

East Fairmont High School, Marion County

The school got a fairly long second life as the East Side Junior High.

4. The Fairmont Theater


Demolished in 2012 to make way for a new state government complex.

5. Street Cars


Street cars showed up in Fairmont around 1901, connecting the city with Clarksburg, Mannington, Fairview, Bridgeport, and Weston. By 1950, the lines were completely gone.

6. G.C. Murphy’s


The building is now part of Veteran’s Plaza, though some of the tiling from the iconic five-and-dime store remain.

7. Sonnencroft (East Side) Castle


Sonnencroft, also known Hutchinson House, was built in 1912 along Morgantown Avenue but fell into disrepair during the 60’s.

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