How many of these treasures do you remember? What else should be on this list? Tell us in the comments below.

1. The Old Mountaineer Field


Built in the 20’s the last game was played there in 1979 and the stadium was razed in 1987.

2. Mount Chateau State Park


Once a state park lodge, it’s now home to the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey.

3. The Morgantown Suspension Bridge


Built in 1854, it was was a key river crossing during the Civil War before being replaced around the turn of the century.

4. Ices Ferry Bridge Over Cheat Lake


Anybody else think they were going to fall in?

5. Mutt’s in Sunnyside


One of the casualties of the University’s new University Place.

6. Warner Theater


Yeah, the building is still there, but the theater’s been closed since 2010.

7. Mountaineer Mall


Anybody up for some Hot Sams? OK so the building’s still there but all of its former shopping glory is gone.

8. Hills in Star City


OMG toys. Toys. Toys. And apparently it’s being torn down??

9. The Den


Just when vinyl is making a comeback…

10. Morgantown Mall’s Carousel


When the mall opened there was a Merry-Go-Round in the arcade off the food court. (We couldn’t find a photo… if you have one, send it to us.)

11. Chico’s Dairy and the Mountaineer Ice Cream Challenge


The 12 scoop challenge will forever live in our memory. (Again, we couldn’t find a photo. If you have one, send it to us. This is where Chico’s used to be…)

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