20150528_goldentornado2When we posted our list of the 7 best high school mascots in the state, of course we included Keyser High School’s awesome “Golden Tornado.” But we had no idea why they were called that. Until two of our readers, Michael Staggers and Stephanie (who didn’t leave her last name), gave us the fascinating tale…

Michael writes:

The reason Keyser is the Golden Tornado (just a single tornado, not tornadoes) is because in the ’20′s or ’30′s, not sure which it was, Keyser was playing their oldest rival, Allegany High School (the campers and tornado have played 100 times). It needs to be noted Keyser has always had Black and Gold as their colors. Well during this game, KHS had their offense rolling, prompting a sport writer from Allegany’s hometown paper to say that Keyser was moving through the Allegany defense like a “Golden Tornado,” hence the singular tornado. The nickname stuck, and has been the mascot for KHS ever since.

We called the school and Principal Charles Wimer confirmed the story and referred us to Michael Minnich, Sports Editor of the Mineral Daily News.

Minnich said the game was in 1927, lead by an all-star trio of brothers ‘Eck’ and ‘Huck’ Miers and running back Ray ‘Cotton’ Mills (all three of whom would be inducted in the inaugural class of the KHS Athletic Hall of Fame).  The team was wearing gold at the time, though it had worn other colors; they simply wore whatever fabric was cheapest.

The team celebrated 100 years of football last Fall. Here’s to a 100 more years of Golden Tornado!

You can follow Michael Minnich on Twitter @michaelminnich.


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