Did you ever go to a game at the old Mountaineer Field? We stumbled upon this great little documentary on YouTube on the “Jewel of the Mountains” and learned these five interesting facts:


20150624_mountaineerfield1 The stadium was built in 1924 at a cost of $740,000. In 2014 dollars, that would be just over $10 million.


20150624_mountaineerfield4 The stadium seated 30,000 people, but Garrett Ford, Sr., a former football coach, said if they got 15,000 people they were happy. “It was such a different atmosphere. Everybody went to the game, they wore shirt and ties.”


20150624_mountaineerfield3 The seats were MUCH closer to the field than in the new stadium. “It was cozy,” said (the legendary) sports writer Micky Furfari.


20150624_mountaineerfield2 There were plans to expand the stadium by putting a second tier of seats that would have gone out over campus drive. The plans were abandoned.


20150624_mountaineerfield5 The last game played at the stadium was a 24-17 loss to Pitt in 1979. The stadium was finally torn down in 1987. Watch the full documentary on YouTube (it’s 8 minutes long).

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