The Supreme Court may have ruled Friday that Americans can get married regardless of gender, but that doesn’t mean everybody will like it. We searched the web for some reliable numbers on how West Virginians really feel about gay marriage.

The most recent reliable data we could find comes from (liberal-leaning) Public Policy Polling which found:

70% of West Virginians opposed Gay Marriage in 2013

The poll found that only 23% supported it. The number rose if you included civil unions – 49%.

So far only Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has weighed in on the court’s ruling:

“Since the federal court decision in October 2014, West Virginia has recognized same-sex marriages and state agencies have taken the necessary steps to ensure equal protection. The Supreme Court’s ruling confirms those actions, and I continue to encourage all West Virginians, regardless of their personal beliefs, to uphold our state’s tradition of treating one another with dignity and respect.”

We’ll update when other state officials weigh-in.