No it’s not exactly Orange Is The New Black. But for the past ten days, 54-year-old Patricia Alfieri has been on the run after escaping the Federal Prison Camp in Alderson.

But that all came to an end when she apparently needed towels.

The Associated Press reports Alfieri, who’s in the slammer for “writing more than $3.6 million in bogus checks to the IRS,” was captured after attempting to steal towels from the Quality Inn Hotel in Lewisburg. Police believe she had been staying in the woods near the hotel, about 18 miles south of the prison camp.

And yes that’s the prison (why do we call it a camp?) Martha Stewart was at.

The whole thing was way less dramatic than what happened with David Sweat and Richard Matt…

Now we can all go back to binge watching OITNB kthankxbye.