After the uproar over the Confederate flag, some have taken aim at other symbols of the Confederacy. There’s the building at Marshall named after a Confederate Cavalry officer. And not to mention the tons of things named after West Virginia native Stonewall Jackson.

Is it time for Stonewall Jackson Middle in Charleston too be renamed? A new petition says yes.


Posted just before the July 4th holiday, the online petition already has 80 signatures and almost 2k Facebook likes.

The petition, started by a professor at West Virginia State, reads:

“Stonewall Jackson Middle School educates more African-American students than any other middle school in Charleston, if not Kanawha County, if not the region, if not the state. That they should lend their talents in the name of a Confederate general is astounding to me. It hurts my feelings. It’s akin to Jewish children going to a school named after a notorious Nazi.”

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