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1. The Old State Capitol


This beautiful Victorian building served as the state capitol in 1870 but burned down in 1921. It’s not clear how the fire started.

2. Rock Lake Pool

The pool in South Charleston was a popular summer destination, but not for everyone. The owners refused to let blacks enter. It operated from 1942 to 1985.

3. The Arcade Building


This indoor mall once connected Capitol and Virginia Streets but was demolished in 1989.

4. Old Kanawha Valley Bank


Built shortly after the Civil War, this beautiful building was demolished in 1963.

5. Woodrums


It was once “a veritable Walt Disney World of home furnishings and fine living,” but closed in the 80’s. The building remains though.

6. McCrory’s


There’s something about five and dime stores. Adelphia Sports Bar is now where this one used to stand.

7. Lance’s Card and Party Shop


For 45 years, this store was packed to the BRIM with about anything you could imagine. Sadly it closed in 1998 and Mrs. Lance passed in 2007. The first floor is now Pies and Pints. The upper floors are offices.

8. The Custer Theater


It opened in 1938 and was briefly an adult cinema in the 70’s. It’s be restored to look like a movie theater outside.

9. The Kearse Theater


Opened in 1922, it was the largest movie house in the state. It closed in 1979 and was demolished in 1982. It’s now a parking lot.

10. Luna Park


The park (which even had a roller coaster) was destroyed by a fire in 1923 and despite efforts was never rebuilt.

11. The Daniel Boone Hotel


The 465-room hotel opened in 1929 but was converted to offices in the 1980’s.

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