With the recent explosion of micro- and nano- breweries in the state, beer makers are beginning to experiment here with some interesting flavors in West Virginia beer. Here are five from the hills of West Virginia that are being infused into local brews!

1. Spruce Tips


Stumptown Ales in Davis uses local spruce tips in its Cranky Conifer Ale. They plan to use more flavors from local mountain forests and farm ingredients.

2. Wild Roots and Herbs


Karl Wagenbrenner, founder of the Berkeley Springs Brewing Company, says he’s interested in bittering with wild roots and herbs instead of hops. “You can’t just limit yourself to a specific style or genre of beer.”

3. Apple Butter


The Berkeley Springs Brewing Company also has an apple butter-infused autumn ale that will be available at the Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival during Labor Day weekend. Wagenbrenner says he uses apples from local orchards.

4. Carmel


Rustik Bru Brewing Company in Morgantown says its Black Forge black ale has light caramel notes with possibly a hint of chocolate. Alcoholic chocolate? Sign. Us. Up.

5. Maple


Black Water Brewing Company in Davis says its Wood Hick Porter is made with locally sourced maple. Pick up a pint and head to Blackwater Falls!

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