Who hasn’t been there… you’re away on vacation—or heaven forbid moved away—and you need to make small talk. Here are some common and annoying reactions when you tell people you’re from West Virginia.

“Is that a state?”

20150725_mamasfamily_thelma Uh hello? Since 1863.

“Oh, I’ve been to Richmond.”

conan_annoyed You must be from Ohio.

“I had a friend who went to the University of West Virginia”

stanley_annoyed Please. It’s West Virginia University.

“But you have all your teeth”

howrude Stereotypes 101, mister.

“And you’re wearing shoes.”

wigg_mad Ok this sh*t is about to get real.

Insert dating your cousin joke here


But forget them, because we come from the greatest state in the country.


Uhh… even if this guy does come from it.

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