Now you may have had these foods in other places, but there’s no denying they are distinct West Virginia foods. Some of them even started here. Which one is your favorite?

1. Pepperoni Rolls

Distinctly West Virginian, this favorite snack was invented in Fairmont in the 1920’s as a practical lunch for miners.

2. Buckwheat Pancakes

Preston County farmers switched to growing Buckwheat during the great depression because they thought it would be more lucrative.

3. Black Walnut Apple Cake

Have a slice at the Black Walnut Festival, held in October in Spencer!

4. Venison

Venison = deer meat.

5. Slaw Dogs

Each local hot dog place has it’s own variation, but hot dog sauce (chilli) and coleslaw are a must on any West Virginia dog!

6. Ramps

Oh that smell!!

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