via Facebook/Sunnyside Superette

via Facebook/Sunnyside Superette

Another Morgantown and WVU institution gone. The legendary store closed Monday (11/1/15) after decades in business in the (now shadow of its former self) Sunnyside neighborhood.

Store owner Peter McGinley told us that a number of things lead to the store’s closure, including a changing demographic in the neighborhood. But the final straw was the opening of a Sheetz on March 7 just up the road in the new University Place dorm built by the University.

The Superette lost 40% of its business when Sheetz opened, the owner told us.

McGinley doesn’t blame Sheetz. He blames the school, whom he has been fighting for months. “They have eliminated a sense of community and replaced it with boxes.”

As so often happens in tragedies, a makeshift vigil appeared outside the store:

The store has been favorite among students and locals since it opened in the early 1940’s. McGinley doesn’t know the precise date. (The 1964 date someone put on a sign is when the current building was built, not the store, says McGinley.)

This is what it looked like back in the day:


McGinley, who’s owned the store for 15 years has accepted the store’s fate, but notes it may not be the very end. He says another store could possibly open in Sunnyside if Sheetz decides to pullout.

“My bitter stage is months behind me. I’m moving on.”

You will forever be in our hearts, Sunnyside Superette. We hope you enjoy it in student hangout heaven. Say hello to The Den for us.

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