Did you know…

1. There are 11 counties in America named “Morgan.”

2. Nine of those counties, including the one in West Virginia, are named after Revolutionary War General Daniel Morgan.

3. The county was formed in 1821 to honor the general from parts of Hampshire and Berkeley Counties.

4. The first English settlers in the county arrived in the 1730’s.

5. A young George Washington was a member of the party that surveyed the Eastern Panhandle for Lord Fairfax in 1748.


6. Washington brought his half-brother Lawrence to Berkeley Springs many times. It was believed the springs had medicinal benefits. Lawrence had (and eventually died from) tuberculosis.

7. When the town was formed in 1776, several acres were set aside for “suffering humanity.” That land eventually became West Virginia’s first state park.

8. Some 750 to 2,000 gallons of water flows from the actual spring in Berkeley Springs every minute.

9. The spring is the source of the town’s water supply.

10. The town is incorporated as Bath, but has been known since 1802 by the name of its original post office, Berkeley Springs.


11. A large castle-looking house overlooks the town. It’s officially the Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage, built as a personal retreat in the 1880’s.

12. It’s still privately owned but available to rent for special occasions.

13. The only other incorporated town is Paw Paw, on the county’s western border.

14. Paw Paw is named after the wild fruit that grows in abundance in the area. It’s also known as West Virginia Banana.

The Pawpaw, or "West Virginia Banana". via NPR

The Pawpaw, or “West Virginia Banana”. via NPR

15. It’s the home of the state’s Disc Golf championship.

16. Near Paw Paw is the state’s only nudist resort, Avalon.

17. The county says 1% of it’s 16,000 residents are artists.

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