Life in West Virginia has changed a lot since we were growing up here in the 1970’s. Share this if you remember any of these!

1. Calling your neighbors Mr. and Mrs. – Do kids ever do this nowadays outside school?

2. Leaving your door unlocked at night – Nobody was going to steal anything. Which is good because you had nothing worth stealing.

3. Your school being in your neighborhood – Anybody else think consolidation was a bad idea?


Millwood Elementary in Richwood via

4. Walking to school – Because school was so close you could just walk. In the early 70’s, 50% of all kids walked to school. Today less than 10% do.

5. Spending the summer at the playground – What were those people called who coordinated activities?

6. Drinking Koolaid at Vacation Bible School – This was a BIG DEAL for some of us.

7. Rooting for the City of Champions – Both the Steelers and the Pirates were World Champions in 1979.

8. Going shopping downtown – Before malls killed everything.

9. Drive-ins – Was there a better place to spend a summer evening?

10. Shopping for school clothes at Hills – Before Wally World, we had Hills (or Hecks)


(OK so this picture of the Morgantown Hills isn’t from the 70’s, but we still love Hills)

11. Arch Moore – Before the corruption scandle

12. Passing notes in class – What is this texting you speak of?


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