Steve Harvey had the perfect response to a lady who thinks Mountaineer men aren’t sexy.

A woman in Steve’s audience asked him about a survey that said Hawaii is the sexiest state, but our beloved West Virginia is least sexy. “How can you get your fellow West Virginians to up their sexy meter?”

“What you mean West Virginia ain’t sexy? Just cause we ain’t got beaches?”

“Have you ever seen a coal miner before?”

“You ever been with a mountain man… you didn’t even know what you’re missing!”

Steve—who’s talk show is hilarious btw—was born in Welch (down at the very bottom of the state) in 1957. His family eventually moved to Ohio where he would graduate high school, but Steve has always been proud of his West Virginia roots.

Watch the full video below:

“As a matter of fact, as soon as you meet a West Virginia man, marry him right away!”

We couldn’t agree more, Steve!

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