Former Mountaineer Marc Bulger (via

Former Mountaineer Marc Bulger (via

Morgantown has produced some phenomenal talent. In fact, 179 Mountaineers have been drafted into the NFL from WVU. So this isn’t nearly a complete list, but here are 11 players who really made in big in professional football.

Sam Huff – Linebacker


Born and raised at the No. 9 coal camp in Edna Gas (near Farmington in Marion County), this Mountaineer was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1982.

Joe Marconi – Fullback


Get this: Marconi, after graduating from high school, got an athletic scholarship to Maryland but didn’t like the school so he transferred to WVU! He was drafted in the first round of the 1956 NFL Draft and played for the LA Rams and Chicago Bears.

Bruce Bosley – Guard/Center


Drafted in 1956 from WVU, Bosley’s 14-year career was spent mostly with the 49ers and appeared in four Pro Bowls.

Chuck Howley – Linebacker


This Super Bowl MVP (1971) and Wheeling native achieved a particular honor at WVU. He remains the only person to letter in five sports: football, track, wrestling, gymnastics and swimming. #OverAchiever

Al Baisi – Tackle

Al later in life.

Al later in life.

Baisi was born outside of Elkins and played for the Mountaineers in the late 1930’s. He went on to play for the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. He was an NFL All-Star in 1940 and 1941.

Joe Stydahar – Tackle


Stydahar was also part of the 1946 Chicago Bears World Championship team with Baisi. Drafted 6th in the first ever NFL Draft in 1936, Stydahar would eventually coach the LA Rams and be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Tom Keane – Cornerback


A graduate of the Linsly School in Wheeling, Keane would play for a number of teams in the late 40’s and early 50’s after leaving WVU. He was twice selected to appear at the Pro Bowl.

Darryl Talley – Linebacker


Talley led the Mountaineers to two consecutive bowl appearances in the early 80’s before playing in four Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills.

Jeff Hostetler – Quarterback


Hoss originally started at Penn State but eventually transferred to WVU before his 15-year career in the NFL.

Marc Bulger – Quarterback


After his time in Morgantown, Bulger spent 11 years in the NFL and was the 2004 Pro Bowl MVP.

Jim Braxton – Fullback


Braxton has the distinction of being O.J. Simpson’s blocking weapon, but before that he helped WVU win the Peach Bowl in 1967. Sadly Braxton passed away at the age of 37 from cancer in 1986.

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