In doing some research for another project, we stumbled across a University Bulletin from 1911 that’s been digitized by the geniuses at Google.

The section “University Fees and Expenses” lists how much it cost to be a student at WVU:

The College of Arts and Sciences was free to all West Virginia students.

Out-of-state students $20 per quarter or $50 a year. The College of Engineering cost in-staters $8 a quarter or $20 a year; a degree at the College of Law would cost you $10 a quarter or $25 a year.


To be fair those numbers aren’t adjusted for inflation; $1 in 1911 is the same as about $25 in 2014. So a year at the College of Law would cost $625.75 today. Not a small amount, but far less than the $19,000 the school charges today.

But the tradition of sticking you with all kinds of fees continued:

  • $5 Matriculation Fee when you start
  • $2 Contingent Fee every quarter
  • $2 Athletic Fee per quarter (which thank god was only $1 for the Winter quarter)
  • $2 Registration Fee each term
  • $5 Diploma Fee

We’ll keep poking around in this for other interesting stuff.