When we put together our list of things in Martinsburg that aren’t there anymore, we kept running into the same comment. HagMart had the best hot dogs and sauce ever. That lead to several discussion threads asking for the recipe.

We found it. Posted to the Martinsburg High School Class of ’64 website, the recipe comes from Jeanne Ward Noble, whose parents its says, ran HagMart. We reached out to Jeanne on Facebook to confirm the details but we’re still waiting to hear back.

The old HagMart.

The old HagMart.

This recipe makes a LOT of sauce, so brace yourself. (They were running a restaurant afterall.)

Here’s how you do it:

1. Fill a #10 Iron Skillet (or one of comparable size) 3/4 full chopped onions and fry until brown. Use kitchen fat or cooking oil.

2. Add 2 lbs. of hamburger and keep stirring so meat will be completely broken up and mixed with browned onions.

While stirring above add and mix in the following:

1 bottle garlic salt 2 1/4 oz
1 can chili powder 1 1/4 oz
1 Generous tablespoon Red Pepper
1 Generous tablespoon Black Pepper
1 Bottle Celery Salt 2 2/3 oz
Pour on top 2/3 # salt

3. While above is cooking on one stove container or vat with one #10 Can Tomato Soup mixed with enough water to make quantity of 6 gallons should be brought to boil on other stove. When this starts to boil, mix 2 boxes corn starch with enough cold water to completely dissolve the starch into a smooth pouring paste. Then add to the boiling soup and water slowly and stir constantly during for few seconds after all of starch has been added.

4. Allow to cool and store in refrigerator in 1 gal. glass jars.

To use in small quantities use double boiler method for heating and sufficient quantity for immediate needs may be kept hot in steamer table well.

Have you tried this recipe? Tell us in the comments.

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