Call her an escort, call her a prostitute – but just call her.

It sums up the online ads now being used by women looking for paying sexual partners in West Virginia, services often provided to fund a heroin addiction.

The competitive marketplace includes women of all ages and prices.

Though most ads say “this is not prostitution, it’s companionship,” some told us in real life there is little difference. It’s still the same – the world’s oldest profession – but with a different spin, and these sexual services aren’t cheap.

Escorts we found charge up to $100 to $200 an hour in most parts of the state.

Every woman has her own reason for hooking, but many in the Eastern Panhandle are looking to make enough money for that next heroin hit, said Sassy (not her real or online name).

Add in the cost of a local hotel room which can run $60-$100 per day or roughly $1,800 a month, just to have a place to do business, and it’s a pricey proposition.

Sassy needs to generate about $700 a day to cover expenses for her and another woman who share both a hotel room and heroin habit.

Believe it or not, most of her callers – they can also text – don’t bat an eye at her prices, which are significantly more expensive that local streetwalkers who still only get about $20 per john for having sex in a vehicle, she said.

Most of her johns are federal employees and can afford to “pay for play,” she said. Her average price is about $200 per hour.

Here are the prices we found for other escorts online:

Charleston: Ads we found started at $100 for half an hour, $175 or $200 an hour, and even a $400 discount rate for up to four hours.

Morgantown: One woman charged for a $125 half hour and $175 a full hour.

Huntington:One posting listed $50 for 15 minutes, $75 half hour and $140 hour; another started at $80 per hour.

Martinsburg: Rates we found online wanted $80 for stimulated sex, $120 half hour and $200 hour. One ad wanted $100 for a “quickie,” $140 for a half hour, $220 hour, $520 three hours and $1,100 all night (up to 8 hours). Another offered to “double your fun” with two women, charging $200 half hour and $280 an hour.

Those we spoke told us they hate prostituting themselves, but continued mostly to pay for drug addictions.

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