West Virginia is home to some very unique things. Here are 24 things you’ll only find in the Mountain State of West Virginia.

1. The longest single-span arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere

via Wikipedia/JaGa

via Wikipedia/JaGa

The New River Gorge Bridge in Fayette County

2. The most photographed mill in the country

via Flickr/Gene

via Flickr/Gene

Ok we don’t know that for sure, but it seems like the Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park is everywhere. It’s also in Fayette County.

3. The first statewide collection of “handmade crafts, arts and cuisine”

via Wikipedia/Seicer (CC 2.5)

via Wikipedia/Seicer (CC 2.5)

We’re talking about Tamarak just off of I-64 in Beckley.

4. The World’s Largest Teapot

Public Domain

Public Domain

Located in Chester, in the Northern Panhandle’s Hancock County, the teapot was dedicated in 1938 to represent the largest pottery industry in the world at that time.

5. This iconic roadside stop: Cool Springs Park

One of the last old time roadside parks in the country, you can visit Cool Springs along Route 50 in Preston County.

6. Cranberry Glades

via Wikipedia/Forest Wander (CC 3.0)

via Wikipedia/Forest Wander (CC 3.0)

This wonder of nature in Pocahontas County resembles many bogs in Canada and serve as the southernmost home of many of the plant species found there.

7. The Fiesta Ware Factory


The home of this iconic glassware is in the Northern Panhandle town of Newell, Hancock County.

8. Dolly Sods


via Wikipedia/ForestWonderer (CC 3.0)

Another wonder of nature only found in West Virginia, Dolly Sods near Davis, Tucker County is the highest plateau of its type east of the Mississippi River.

9. The Mystery Hole!

Find this gravity defying wonder in Fayette County as well.

10. The Coal House

via Wikipedia/Badagnani (CC 3.0)

via Wikipedia/Badagnani (CC 3.0)

Housing Mingo County’s Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, this Williamson building is constructed from 65 tons of coal from the nearby Winifrede Seam.

11. George Washington’s Bathtub

via Wikipedia/Warfieldian (CC 3.0)

via Wikipedia/Warfieldian (CC 3.0)

This was the tub our first president bathed in as a frequent visitor to the healing springs of Bath (Berkeley Springs) in Morgan County.

12. Seneca Rocks

via Wikipedia/Asilverstein (CC 3.0)

via Wikipedia/Asilverstein (CC 3.0)

This Pendleton County landmark is the only true peak — a peak inaccessible except by technical rock climbing techniques — on the East Coast of the United States.

13. The Pumpkin House in Kenova

A Wayne County Halloween tradition.

14. The Smallest Church in the Lower 48

“Our Lady of the Pines” in Preston County only seats 12 people.

15. Canaan Valley

via Wikipedia/Valerius Tygart (CC 4.0)

via Wikipedia/Valerius Tygart (CC 4.0)

More than just a place to ski, this Tucker County landmark is an extensive wetland that was almost converted to lake in the late 70’s.

16. Bars where they sing Country Roads at Midnight

via YouTube

via YouTube

Yep we’re talking about Morgantown.

17. The Green Bank Telescope


This Pocahontas County landmark is actually in danger of closing.

18. The Oglebay Festival of Lights

Via Flickr/Dave Olsen (Creative Commons)

Via Flickr/Dave Olsen (Creative Commons)

The Wheeling Christmas tradition is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

19. This guy.

If you don’t know, you don’t want to.

20. Gino’s Pizza


You can only find our favorite pizza chain inside the state.

21. The Congressional Bunker

A state secret until revealed in a Washington Post investigation in the early 90’s, this was where the United States Congress would have retreated in case of a nuclear attack.

22. Lost World Caverns, The Home of Bat Boy

via Wikipedia/Lee Paxton

via Wikipedia/Lee Paxton

In the early 90’s a tabloid reported this Greenbrier County wonder was the home of  the Bat Boy.

23. The International Water Tasting Competition

Want to know what the world’s best water tastes like? Headed to this Morgan County competition every summer!

24. Little Switzerland

The little community of Helvetia in Randolph County was settled settled by Swiss immigrants in 1869 and still maintains their cultural traditions today.

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