A man from Charleston has written and recorded a traditional folk song supporting Donald Trump. And it is in fact everything you think it would be.

Entitled, “God and the Welfare Line,” the video was posted by WOWK Tuesday afternoon.

The song goes like this:

When Donal Trump gets president, I’ll be happy as can be
He’s gonna make us great again and do away with poverty.
Our senators gave our jobs away to the Chinese
Left me without a job as sad as I can be

Standing in the welfare line, standing in the welfare line
I never thought I’d ever be standing in the welfare line.

That’s just the first verse and chorus. Watch the video below:

Jay Gordon, of Charleston, WV performs his song written for th…CHECK THIS OUT: Jay Gordon, of Charleston, took it upon himself to write this song for Donald J. Trump’s campaign titled, “God and the Welfare line.” In it Jay proclaims how he can’t wait for Trump to be president so he can start working again. Tell us what you think of the song by leaving a comment.

Posted by WOWK 13 NEWS on Wednesday, January 6, 2016