In case you needed a reminder of how quickly time passes…

1. There hasn’t been a waterfall in the Charleston Town Center Mall for 11 years. They took it out in 2005.


2. Charleston High School hasn’t existed for nearly 30 years. They tore it down in 1989.


3. Stonewall Jackson High became Stonewall Jackson Junior that same year, 27 years ago.

4. But it hasn’t been called a “Junior High” in 17 years. It became a “Middle School” in 1999.


5. You haven’t swam at Rock Lake Pool in 31 years. It was closed in 1985.

6. You haven’t shopped downtown at Lance’s Card and Party Shop in nearly 20 years. It closed in 1998.


7. Kids today have no memory of going to see a movie at the Kerse Theater. It closed in ‘79 and was demolished in ‘82. It’s now a parking lot.


8. Nobody has stayed at the Daniel Boone Hotel in at least 30 years. It was converted to offices in the 80’s.


9. The last game played at Watt Powell Park was played over ten years ago.


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