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Ramps… Call’em the King of Stink, but people love this iconic spring plant.Especially in local communities throughout the tri-state where dinners are a focal point of the days as they grow longer. (Photo above by Jessica and Lon Binder/Flickr)

Why not stop by and taste a tempting ramp dish at one of these community dinners? Enjoy this special taste of the season.

Here are 11 Ramp Dinners/Festivals happening this spring:

  • Pickens, West Virginia – American Legion Hall Post 122, April 16.
  • Pine Grove, West Virginia – Shortline Ramp Festival – Byrd Center and Park, April 16.
  • Camp Creek State Park, West Virginia – Camp Creek Lumberjack Competition and Ramp Fest, April 23
  • Richwood, West Virginia – Annual Feast of the Ramson, Richwood High School, April 30.
  • Elkins, West Virginia – Annual Ramp and Rails Fest, Elkins Depot, April 30.
  • Helvetia, West Virginia – Helvetia Ramp Dinner,April 30.
  • Parkersburg, West Virginia – Faith Gospel Church, April 30.
  • Upperglade, West Virginia – Camp Caesar Ramp Dinnner, April 30.
  • Mount Morris, Pennsylvania – Annual Ramp Dinner, Mason Dixon Historical Park, April 23-24.
  • Oakland, Maryland – Ramp Cook-off, Deep Creek Lake State Park, April 30.
  • Whitetop, Virginia – Whitetop Mountain Ramp Festival, May 15.

Where’s your favorite place to get ramps? Tell us below!

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