Yes, you read that right. The 17-year cicada–the creepy red eyed bug that leaves its old exoskeleton scattered across the landscape–crawls out of the ground in West Virginia this year. They last appeared in 1999.

Expect to see them around mid-May. They’ll last for four to six weeks.

The timing on exactly when they will arrive depends on the weather, The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports. The soil has to reach a temperature of 64 degrees before the harmless, yet gross insects come out to mate and die.

Here are the counties expected to be effected:

Information via Cicada Mania

Information via Cicada Mania

Just remember—though gross, these insects are harmless to both people and animals. Annoying sure, but the only real damage they can do is to small tress (they plant their eggs in twigs).


Featured photo via Flickr/Leslie

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