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1. The town has three times as many massage therapists as lawyers.

2. “Taking the waters” has been recorded here since the mid-1700s.

3. It’s believed Native Americans visited the town’s natural springs for centuries before European settlers arrived here.

4. The warm mineral waters are known nationally and internationally, and have a constant temperature of about 74 degrees.

5. The Museum of the Berkeley Springs is housed on the second floor of the state park’s Roman Bath House. It is free and offers exhibits on everything from local geology to Native Americans who visited the area. It reopens for the season March 19.

Andrew Bossi/Wikipedia

Andrew Bossi/Wikipedia

6. It was the Virginia State Legislature established the town of Bath. In 1777, more than 100 lots were laid out and sold.

7. George Washington was one of the original 70 landowners and bought two of those lots.

8. Lot numbers from the first land sale are still used on deeds, and plaques note the original lot owners.

9. The mineral springs flow at least 1,000 gallons per minute. That’s a lot of water.

10. Traveling preachers once called the town a “seat of sin” due to the gambling and other questionable activities that once took place there.

11. The town is no stranger to major fires, including the first which occurred in 1844 and destroyed many 18th-century buildings. The Morgan County Courthouse, located downtown which went up in flames in the summer of 2006 was the third courthouse to burn in the town’s history.

via Wikipedia/Warfieldian (CC 3.0)

via Wikipedia/Warfieldian (CC 3.0)

12. If you visit the state park, you can see the original George Washington bathtub where our nation’s first president once bathed.

13. The 2016 George Washington’s Bathtub celebration – an annual event – will be held March 18-20.

14. Since 1974, the town’s annual Apple Butter Festival has been attracting crowds during Columbus Day weekend in October.

15. An interesting castle-like home sits overlooking the town. Known locally as the Berkeley Castle, it’s actually The Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage.

16. This great little town was voted one of USA Today’s Top 10 Best Small Southern Town in 2015.

Featured photo via Flickr/Jon Dawson

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