We got a message on Facebook Tuesday from Charlie Barker, a musician who’s lived almost all of his life in McDowell County. He sent us a song he had written called “52.” And wow is it good.

His song captures the love we all share for these hills, these old places that tie us together.

“I hope we got the message across of how much we both love this place. McDowell County is a special place with wonderful people,” Charlie wrote to us. He and his family moved to Welch from Ohio when he was 10. He’s lived here ever since.

Take a look at some of the lyrics:

She’s a football Friday night
She’s towns with one stop light
From my first kiss on Welch Hill
Gary, The Patch, and KBL
She’s Iaeger, War and Roderfield

No matter how far I may roam
These hills are my home
So I’m going down the road
52 take me home

Here’s the song and video he produced with fellow McDowell County resident George Carr:

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