Do these photos take you back??

1. The Mountainlair at night

2. The Old Mountaineer Field, used mostly for intramurals after the new stadium opened.

3. Tearing down the goal post after a homecoming game

Ok so that photo is from 1979, but it’s cool.

4. A snowy look down High Street

5. Snowstorms are always fun!

6. Anybody remember Scotto’s?

7. Oh, the PRT.

8. Probably couldn’t put up this sign today…

9. Darth Vader in the Homecoming Parade

10. High above the Old Mountaineer Field

11.  The Downtown WVU Campus

12. Then Gov. Rockefeller walks in the Homecoming Parade

13. A dance marathon in the Mountaineer Mall

14. The crew team practices on the Mon

15. Looking up High Street

16. It was always hard finding a place to park.

17. We miss the old downtown!

18. High Street at Night

What did you like most about Morgantown in the 80’s? Tell us in the comments!

You can see more pictures from old WVU Yearbooks through!

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