1. The historical McMurran Hall hangout is called “The Wall”

2. You go to the Sweet Shop religiously (and brought your dog)

3. Maria’s Taqueria is always a slam dunk when you’re in the mood for Mexican food

4. The town’s folk are super friendly

Easter Bunny -- Shepherdstown (WV) Saturday Morning April 3, 2010

5. If you don’t have a bumper sticker, your car is naked


6. Buying locally grown food is the only way to shop


7. Ultimate Frisbee and Hackysack are serious sports


8. You’ve actually been inside the Little House


9. Every empty space is a parking spot


10. Flannels, tattoos and walking barefoot are to be expected



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11. If you’re a college student going out on a date to the Bavarian, Domestic or Press Room – you know it’s a serious relationship

12. If you toss your plastic into a trash can instead of the recycling bin, expect dirty looks


13. Sharing the road with bikers and risking your life at the downtown cross walk

14. You’ve wonder if you have enough time before your next class or your break at work to run to Nutters.

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