Spring has finally arrived here in the Mountain State and wildflowers have burst out of the soil! But ever wondered just exactly what they are? Here are seven West Virginia wildflowers you can find this spring in the hills of West Virginia.

1. Dutchman’s Breeches

The name refers to the unique shape of the white flowers that dangle down from the stem. Its seeds are later spread by ants. Interestingly, Native Americans considered this plant useful for syphilis, skin conditions and as a blood purifier!

2. Mayapple

Best known for their large leaves that hide their white flowers, this plant blooms in the spring followed by edible, yellow “apples” that ripen in July. They’re even sometimes used to make jelly.

3. Wild Geranium

This lavender flower is so common that it grows all the way from Canada south to Alabama and west to South Dakota!

4. Virginia Bluebells

Known for arching sprays of blue flowers, the Victorians used the starch from crushed bluebells to stiffen the ruffs of their collars and sleeves.

5. Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Also known as Parson-in-the-Pulpit and Plant-of-Peace, the name refers to how the spadix (Jack) in the spathe (pulpit) looks like a minister preaching over his congregation.

6. Columbine

These wildflowers bloom in a variety of eye-catching colors – red, yellow, white, blue, pink and purple – but are actually members of the Buttercup family.

7. Bloodroot

These stark white flowers that are so gentle the petals can fall off when touched. But the name comes from the fact that its root bleeds a crimson juice when cut or crushed.

Why not go out and collect all seven this spring?

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