We all know that West Virginia may not have the greatest reputation among people from outside of the state. Questions like “then why don’t you have an accent?” or statements like “but you have all of your teeth” are all too common. I’m sure you’ve gotten all five of these West Virginia stereotypes.

1. All we wear are overalls (probably shirtless) with our favorite fox hat.

And no, I wasn’t talking about the Fox Racing Company, I was talking about a real, dead, probably road kill, skinned fox. Welcome to the holler! Nope. West Virginians dress just the same as anybody else.

2.  We have a pile of couches on our front porches ready to burn.

Yes students at West Virginia University have been known to party and get a little to lit (literally) when the Mountaineers win a big game, but that’s not West Virginia or WVU. The school is transforming itself from a party school to one of the nation’s premiere state-run public schools. In fact, they just recently got a higher certification for research that puts them in the same class as Yale and Duke.

3. They are shocked when they see that we have all 32 teeth.

FOX/The Simpsons

FOX/The Simpsons

You know that old joke about what’s 100 feet long and has 3 teeth? A line at (some West Virginia event). Well it’s totally untrue. Believe it or not, seeing a full set of chompers is a common sight on a smiling Mountaineer.

4. That we are a part of Virginia.



You’re killing me, smalls. A little piece of every West Virginians dies when people ask what part of Virginia we are from. We’re from West Virginia, NOT the west of Virginia. They’re Two two completely different places. Two different places. get your life together outsiders.

5. That we all know the words to Country Roads.

Ok this one is completely true! (If you don’t think you do, maybe you should take our quiz.)

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