Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready for some ice cream? Here are our favorite places around the state.

Toni’s Ice Cream—Clarksburg

If you’re going, you HAVE to get the raspberry softserve. Toni’s is located just off Route 50 in Clarksburg.


Okay so it’s actually in Ceredo, but for the sake of everybody not from the area it’s near Huntington. Pictured is their world famous grape pineapple ice cream!

Petrucci’s Country Market (Petrucci’s Ice Cream)—Hedgesville

Located just off Route 9,  Petrucci’s Ice Cream (formerly Tad’s)  is an Eastern Panhandle tradition! And a great place to stop and get some ice cream on your way to a scenic drive through the mountains of Berkeley and Morgan Counties.

Dairy Creme Corner—Fairmont

Yes the ice cream cones are HUGE, but the funnel cakes are also to die for. Located just off I-79 in East Fairmont.

Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream—Charleston

This place is on everybody’s list of best ice cream places in the state, it’s located downtown Charleston on Capitol Street.

Fat Eddie’s—By Summersville Lake

If you’re spending some time down by Summersville Lake (or want some damn good ice cream), stopping by Fat Eddie’s is a must. It’s technically in Mount Nebo.

Your Local Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen in Grafton / via

By one count, there are over 70 Dairy Queens in West Virginia alone. Who doesn’t have a memory about their local Dairy Queen? Especially if you weren’t fortunate enough to grow up near one of the places listed above.

Where’s you favorite place to get ice cream in West Virginia?

Featured photo via Mor/Flickr

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