Donald Trump’s message and demographic appeal are perfect fits for West Virginia, according to WVU’s top political scientist.

“Trump has done especially well with white voters, older voters, and voters with relative low levels of education,” says Scott Crichlow, “and West Virginia stands out in that it’s in the top five states, nationally, on all of those measures.”

A statement from the University press office reads:

Crichlow adds that Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make American Great Again,” aligns perfectly with what citizens in the state have been hearing for years from their own leaders, Republicans and Democrats alike. “West Virginians have been told continually that the federal government is waging war on them. In that political environment, it’s no surprise that many West Virginia voters are eager to upend the Washington establishment,” said Crichlow.

According to the most recent reliable poll taken here, Trump leads his now-defunct Republican rivals by at least 20 points.

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