As West Virginians, we have come to expect a certain something from our pepperoni rolls. A fluffly roll. Maybe cheese, maybe some sauce (Oliverio’s if you’re from the north of the state.)  So we were beyond excited to see Pepperoni Rolls on the menu at Papa Johns.

That excitement ended when they actually arrived.

These aren’t West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls. They’re like pepperoni bites.


Papa Johns says their “Pepperoni Rolls” feature pepperoni rolled up with three cheeses: fontina, asiago, and provolone. For $5 you get six “rolls” with ranch sauce (although I opted for garlic because, you know, garlic sauce).

As you can see, it’s a far cry from Country Club Bakery:


The ones I got from my local Papa Johns were cold, a bit tough, and were saved only by the garlic sauce.

Papa John’s, I love you, but stick to pizza.

I’ll get my pepperoni rolls elsewhere.

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