Yes that’s right, the iconic West Virginia roadside attraction, The Mystery Hole along Route 60 in Fayette County, is for sale.

The owners want to move south an retire. It can be yours for $495,000.

It was originally built by Donald Wilson in 1973. Wilson charged visitors $1 to tour the mysterious attraction “in which balls appear to roll uphill and guests find themselves able to stand at impossible angles,” writes the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

The current owners of the Mystery Hole, Sandy and Will Morrison, bought the attraction in 1999 after Wilson died. Like anybody, they want to retire someplace warmer and with more gravity. (Ok we made the gravity part up.)

According to the real estate listing, this is an “excellant business opportunity.”

But don’t worry, the Wilsons plan to keep the Mystery Hole open while they look for a new owner.

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