Did you know all this about our wonderful state?

1. Who Needs Stoplights?

Downtown Clay, WV (J. Stephen Conn/Flickr)

Downtown Clay, WV (J. Stephen Conn/Flickr)

There are only a few counties left in America without stoplights. Three of those counties are in West Virginia: Clay, Calhoun, and Monroe County have no stoplights.

2. House of Coal

West Virginia is home to the only residence in the world made entirely of coal. The Coal House House in White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, was built with 30 tons of coal.

3. We Love Our Mothers

West Virginia began a tradition we all love. The first celebration of mother’s day was held at St. Andrews Church in Grafton, Taylor County. It’s now the International Mothers Day Shrine.

4. That Tree Was HUGE

The Webster Sycamore with four men standing around the base of its trunk in 1955 (Wikipedia)

The Webster Sycamore with four men standing around the base of its trunk in 1955 (Wikipedia)

West Virginia is also home to some amazing feats of nature. The largest American Sycamore tree in the country once stood in Webster Springs, Webster County. It was sadly felled in 2010 after a fire (that may or may not have caused its death).

5. Fast Food Firsts



West Virginian’s should apparently be known for our ingenuity around fast food. Not only was the first patent for a soda fountain was granted to George Dulty in Wheeling, WV in 1833, but the inventor of the Big Mac graduated high school here. Jimmy Delligatti graduated in 1936 from Fairmont Senior High School.

6. We Heart Trees

If getting lost in the woods is your style of adventure, then West Virginia is a great place for you. Over 78% of West Virginia’s land is covered in forest, according the state. Only Maine and New Hampshire are more forested.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said we had seven things you didn’t know. Apparently we can’t count. But that’s just us.

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