Baseball is back! And these boys are hot. Not in winning games (bc who cares.) – but in looks! Just look at them:

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Seriously tho, look at the arms on pitcher Eric Karch!

Infielder Tyler Filliben is reeling us in…

Tyler you’re our Superman!



We’re totes jealous of this girl with catcher John Bormann.

Tito Polo, don’t ever leave us!


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There’s nothing sexier than a man who loves his mama, Cole Tucker!

Happy birthday to the most important lady in my life. Thanks for everything mama ❤️

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Casey Hughston knows it too!



Can we marry pitcher Bret Helton?

And he gave a tell-all interview to this website. Be still my heart.

We can’t take all this cute from Mitchell Tolman!! (Read the caption)


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BRB: going to the beach with pitcher Billy Roth

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New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema

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