Clarksburg’s Gramma and Ginga are taking the internet by storm with their hilarious back and forth and have made a fan of a Hollywood superstar: Jimmy Kimmel.

Gramma Gee, who’s 102, and her sister, Ginga, 97, appeared on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

If you haven’t seen them, the two have racked up thousands of views on Facebook for their hilarious back and forth like this:

“We thought they were so funny that I just decided to upload them on my personal Facebook page and it just like blew up,” Frank Fumich, Gramma’s grandson told WBOY-TV. “I uploaded a few of them and then I got the idea that maybe I should start their own Facebook page.”

Because there’s nothing funnier than two old ladies arguing.

Kimmel said on his show that he and his wife stumbled onto Gramma and Ginga’s video. And he gave them a special assignment: watch Game of Thrones and report back.

Here’s their appearance on Kimmel:

We can’t wait to see what they think about GoT!

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