Welcome back terrible horrible ugly creatures. Alot has changed in the Mountain State since you last emerged in 1999, so we thought we’d put together a handy guide for you.

1. This store is gone forever.

Pinterest (This one is from Ohio)

Pinterest (This one is from Ohio)

It became part of Aimes and then Aimes went under. But that toy section! #NeverForget

2. You can no longer get delicious roast beef sandwiches from this chain

Though there are some in Ohio if you’re willing to make the drive.

3. And forget the awesome salad bar at these places.

Again there are a few locations, but none in West Virginia.

4. There are a lot less veterans around from World War II.

Troops learned mountain climbing at Seneca Rocks during World War II. (Courtesy A. Aubrey Bodine)

Troops learned mountain climbing at Seneca Rocks during World War II. (Courtesy A. Aubrey Bodine)

In the sad but true category, this generation of American heroes is quickly dying out. A soldier who was 18 in 1945 when the war ended would be 89 today.

5. That coal miner you know probably isn’t a coal miner anymore.

Library of Congress/Public Domain

Library of Congress/Public Domain

17 years ago, West Virginia produced about 160 million short tons of coal. In 2015, we produced only 98 million tons.

6. This guy is now a huge country superstar!

He had his first #1 hit the last time we saw you.

7. We can’t watch baseball here anymore…


via TheClio.com (Creative Commons)

The last game played at Watt Powell Park was played over ten years ago.

8. Or here.

Public Domain

Public Domain

And yes, that’s Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers stadium, but alot of us went to Pirates/Steelers games there.

9. There’s sadly no longer a waterfall in the middle of the Charleston Town Centre.



They took that bad boy out in 2005. Yeah it was pretty cool.

10. Some of our colleges graduated from to Universities


I’m looking at you Fairmont State and Shepherd and others… all it took was literally just the legislature renaming you apparently.

11. These two state treasures weren’t yet viral super stars.


In case you missed it… they made their late night TV debut!!! Get your life together cicadas.

12. The state was still voting for Democrats and not we’re (probably) not going to vote for this guy’s wife


13. And we lost this guy.


14. This guy’s now a super successful author and talk show host


Though he did screw up the results of a beauty pageant (yeah those are still a thing)

15. These stores are now gone too


They started in Wheeling as you probably remember.

16. And it’s just Gabe’s now.

A brand new Gabes in Eire, Pennsylvania.

A brand new Gabes in Eire, Pennsylvania.

They ditched the “Brothers” in 2013 as part of a rebranding strategy.

17. And there actually aren’t all that less people here for you to annoy

Though we talk about population loss, we’ve actually only lost about 40,000 people, though population centers have shifted as industries change. Yeah people are moving to Martinsburg these days…

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