Demi Evans didn’t take long to make history at the State Fair of West Virginia—and had fun doing it—when she transformed a plain glass jar into a work of art.

Using ordinary things like pink tissue paper and glue, Evans also penned a special message on her creation: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Minutes later, her entry received a blue ribbon.

One of the most awesome competitions you can win at the State Fair is the Mason Jar decorating contest.

Of course there are plenty of great contests at the fair any West Virginian can win, from quilts and flowers to making cookies for the Governor and candy for the First Lady.

Quilts on display at the West Virginia at the State Fair

Quilts on display at the West Virginia at the State Fair

But it was a special shared moment between Evans and her boyfriend Donnie McKinney. He used a variety of plastic gems on his artwork.

Standing nearby, his family members—father Donnie, mother Kim and sister Kyndrea who also came from Beckley—took action shots of the duo as the decorating progressed.

“This is perfect for Demi because she is very crafty and loves to do arts and crafts,” Kim said.

Carolyn Blakemore, a homemaker who travels each year from Fairmont to attend the fair, said it’s an opportunity to have hands-on fun while also competing for prizes.


Competitions are a big draw for fairgoers like these who vied for a ribbon when comes to decorating Mason Jars.

She’s also made plenty of friends along the way, and looks forward to seeing them at the state fair. Win or lose, it’s the experience that counts.

“I love doing the cooking contests at fairs and festival, so I’m looking forward to later this afternoon to see how I did with my lunch sandwich. It’s got chicken, bacon, cheese and vegetables all in a wrap so it really is a whole lunch,” she said.

“So far, I’ve never won but it’s my hobby and it really is fun to enter. So I keep coming back for more.”

The State Fair of West Virginia runs through August 21, 2016 outside of Lewisburg. WeHeart West Virginia is a proud partner of the State Fair of West Virginia.

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