If you love thrill rides, then the State Fair of West Virginia is the place to be.

We took a ride on five thrill rides with our old pal Kristen.

We asked her to judge each thrill ride on the “Kristen Thrill Index.” A thrill scale of 1 is pretty low (think Farris Wheel) while 5 is insanely intense.

1. Vertigo

Vertigo is like an advanced version of the swings. You start off on the ground, but then it lifts you high in the sky.

Here’s Kristen before Vertigo:


Here’s Kristen after Vertigo:


She was a little dizzy and a little afraid of heights, but it wasn’t too intense. Kristen Thrill Scale: 3

2. Tornado

This thrill ride is somewhat like the old fashioned Tilt-a-Whirl, except it raises up on its side.

Here’s Kristen before Tornado:


Here’s Kristen after Tornado:


Kristen was pretty dizzy after this one. She almost lost her glasses and the Cheesesteak sandwich she had for lunchKristen Thrill Scale: 4.

3. Zipper

Like Torando above, the Zipper at the State Fair aren’t you grandpa’s cages. These are truly insane.

Here’s Kristen before Zipper:


Here’s Kristen after Zipper:


Definitely glad we had the cinnamon rolls after the rides. Kristen Thrill Scale: 4.5.

4. Freak Out

Imagine spinning and rocking back and forth high over the crowds below and you have Freak Out.

Here’s Kristen before:


Here’s Kristen after Freak Out:


Kristen had originally given Freak Out a lower score until about half-way through the ride when it picked up and started going really, really fast. Kristen Thrill Score: 4.

5. Tango

The Tango lifts you into the air and just doesn’t. stop. spinning.

Here’s Kristen looking very happy before Tango.


And then she got Tango’ed.


Seriously. She didn’t stop screaming the entire time. Kristen Thrill Score: 5.

And then Kristen refused to ride anymore. So this could have been longer.

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