Living in West Virginia will definitely impact your life forever. Here are just 19 ways it will ruin every other place in the entire world for you.

1. Whenever you bite into a piece of bread you think, “why isn’t there pepperoni in here?”



2. When you see a State Capitol that’s not covered in gold you think that state needs to get their act together.

David Grant/Flickr

David Grant/Flickr

3. You think people who don’t wave at you when you drive down the road are rude, even if you have no idea who they are.

4. You know how to have fun on Saturday night even if the only thing open is Walmart.


5. If you’re out at a bar at midnight, you just want to sing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” at the top of your lungs.

6. This will always be a “crik” (rhyming with Rick) and not a “creek” (rhyming with creep).

7. Falls other places just never measure up.

Fall at the Green Bank Observatory (Flickr/ep_jhu)

Fall at the Green Bank Observatory (Flickr/ep_jhu)

8. You can’t eat a hot dog without a special ingredient on top

Facebook/King Tut's Drive-In

Facebook/King Tut’s Drive-In

9. Like a dog whistle, if somebody yells “Let’s Gooooooooooooo,” you compulsively have to yell back.

10. You can personally relate to this song because it was you or your mother or your grandmother.

11. You’re proud that on Saturdays in the Fall, this becomes the largest city in your state.


12. There’s only one Canaan Valley, and it ain’t nowhere else.

Canaan Valley via Wikipedia/Valerius Tygart (CC 4.0)

Canaan Valley via Wikipedia/Valerius Tygart (CC 4.0)

13. Living in a state that didn’t say “screw you” to another state and just break away just won’t cut it.


14. Wait, people didn’t go to the same high school their parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents went to in other places?

Fairmont Senior High School (Carol Amos/Wikipedia)

Fairmont Senior High School (Carol Amos/Wikipedia)

15. It will always be you-uns and never y’all.


16. Ohhhhh that smell.


17. What, you guys don’t go muddin in Florida?

18. You grew up like this and totally think this now that you’re a parent.


19. No matter where you go, you’re never really at home until you see this sign:

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