Why would you want to live anywhere else? Here are 21 things you’ll only find in the hills of North Central West Virginia.

1. The nation’s only personal rapid transit system

Wikipedia (Public Domain)

Wikipedia (Public Domain)

2. The state’s largest city on Saturday afternoons in the fall


3. The most awesome looking college gymnasium in the country



4. These beautiful waterfalls


5. Rafting on this unforgiving river

6. The birthplace of West Virginia’s most iconic food



It was first baked at the Country Club Bakery in Fairmont.

7. The best Buckwheat Pancakes in the world


8. This iconic West Virginia view

Who doesn’t love Cooper’s Rock?

9. This annual tradition celebrating our Italian heritage

10. The nation’s first statewide 4-H camp

WVU Extension Service

WVU Extension Service

11. The birthplace of Stonewall Jackson

20151105_stonewall_jacksonHe was born in Clarksburg in 1824.

12. This noble experiment to help people during the Great Depression



You should probably know about Eleanor Rosevelt and Arthurdale.

13. The hometown of this Olympic gold medalist


Mary Lou Retton was born in Fairmont in 1968, though she now calls Texas home.

14. The site of the the first Mother’s Day

Brian M. Powell/Wikipedia

Brian M. Powell/Wikipedia

Held in Grafton in 1908.

15. And the site of the first Father’s Day service

Held in Fairmont, also in 1908. It was actually a mining tragedy that lead to Father’s Day.

16. The smallest church in the lower 48

via TourPreston.com

via TourPreston.com

17. The smallest incorporated community in West Virginia

via Pinterest/Stephanie Bittinger

via Pinterest/Stephanie Bittinger

Aurora in Preston County has 201 people.

18. The hometown of this American Icon


Don Knotts was born in Morgantown in 1924.

19. One of America’s last great roadside attractions

via TourPreston.com

via TourPreston.com

20. The largest strip mall in West Virginia


Yes, that’s right, Eastpointe and Newpointe along Emily Drive in Clarksburg is the largest strip mall in West Virginia.

21. The peace you’ll only find in the hills of these counties.


Looking up the Monongahela River at Catawba in Marion County.

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