Jacob Hall will be remembered for his good heart and desire to save others, just like the super heroes he admired.

The six-year-old was shot on his school’s playground last Wednesday in Townville, South Carolina. The 14-year-old suspect allegedly killed his father before driving to the school and opening fire.

Doctors say Hall suffered a catastrophic blood loss resulting in cardiopulmonary arrest after the bullet hit his femoral artery. He was surrounded by family when he passed Saturday; his hospital bed covered by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blanket.

Family members say Jacob’s super power was love. They’re determined that will live on, even after he is laid to rest Wednesday morning.

When that happens, a West Virginia business owner who shares the youngster’s values—and belief that good will save the day—will be there to help honor him.

John “Batman” Buckland, founder of Heroes 4 Higher, plans to take his Hope-Mobile, a specially outfitted Batmobile, to the services. He will also speak to other youngsters mourning Jacob’s death.

Buckland, a Huntington resident who is leaving tomorrow to be part of the visitation and funeral proceedings, was contacted by family members requesting his participation.

He founded his company last year after a professional firefighter career that included two years of working overseas in Iraq as a federal Department of Defense firefighter on various military bases.

His goal now is to help children of all ages realize the importance of four basic messages: never give up, do the right thing, help others in need, and don’t be a bully.

Earlier this summer he visited various southern communities hit by flash flooding to take children living there clothes and toys.

“There’s no doubt this school shooting and his death is a tragedy, but the community has the right mindset about it. We are going at the request of the friends of the family of young Hero Jacob. We made sure the family is good with this, so I’m ready to go,” he said.

He’d been following the news about the youngster, and believes fate is drawing him south to honor the slain child.

“You can’t do everything to help everybody, but you just know what you have to do when certain things come along that they are the ones you need to answer,” he said.

“Everything happens for a reason, and I have no doubt things were orchestrated from the other side. I’m sure Jacob had something to do with this, too.”

On Saturday, Jacob’s mother, Renae Hall, said it is only fitting that her son have a superhero funeral.

Jacob will be dressed in a superhero costume, as will all his pallbearers, and Hall said mourners are encouraged to wear superhero costumes and superhero-themed clothes, reported WHNS-TV in Greenville, South Carolina.

“He told me and his daddy one day, he said, ‘You know what? I got a secret. I got superpowers. I’m Catboy. And at night when you are sleeping, I go out and I save the town,’” Renae Hall told WLTX.

“So if you ever feel a chill on your back, a brush on your cheek, you know that was my Jacob coming to save the day.”

A local teenage boy has been charged as a juvenile in the shooting spree at Townville Elementary School where another student and teacher were also injured. Both of them were treated and released from an area hospital.

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