There’s something undeniably special about West Virginia. And if you think it’s hard to explain you’re not alone.

But this video comes as close to anything as to why West Virginia is such a special place.

It’s from the 1995 film “West Virginia: A Film History,” a production of the West Virginia History Film Project, WNPB-TV, and the West Virginia Humanities Council. Originally broadcast on West Virginia public television, and later broadcast nationally and sold as a VHS set, West Virginia became a statewide best seller after its reissue as a DVD set on West Virginia Day 2009.”

“It is a place few Americans know, and fewer still understand. A place of terrible beauty that many think of as strange and peculiar, yet its story is distinctly American,” the narrator begins.

And if you’re not moved by the film’s first seven minutes, you must be a robot.

Unfortunately, the full film isn’t available online, but you can purchase a copy for $30 on DVD here from the West Virginia Humanities Council. The film’s full transcript is also available online.

“I have a very firm love and attachment for the state of West Virginia; I don’t believe that my life could be better any place else and so I intend to try to stay here.” Oh. There’s something in my eye.

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